Plan forms

All new deposited plans to be lodged in LPI (either electronically or manually) must be prepared in accordance with the requirements specified in Schedules 4 to 9 inclusive Conveyancing (General) Regulation 2013 and must comprise two parts:

  • a standard plan drawing template using Plan form 1 (A3 sheet) or Plan form 2 (A2 sheet) and
  • an administration sheet using Plan form 6 - administration sheet and if necessary Plan form 6A - Annexure sheet (for second and subsequent sheets). Administration sheets with specialised statements are also available as Plan form 6B - s.23H administration sheet (s.23H Conveyancing Act 1919) and Plan form 6C - s.23J Administration sheet (s.23J Conveyancing Act 1919).
  • Approved plan forms are available from this website.

Note  Earlier plan forms (signed by the surveyor as completed but never lodged in LPI) will be accepted for lodgment provided all dimensions shown therein are in metric.

All deposited plans prepared after 1 September 2007 not intended to be lodged via eplan must be drawn on archival paper.

Archival quality paper for plan forms 

Paper used for plan forms and administration sheets that will be lodged manually in LPI must:

  • be white and free from defects, blemishes and discolouration.
  • be not less than 90 gsm for drawing sheets and not less than 80 gsm for administration sheets.
  • comply with Australian Standard AS 4003-1996, having:
    • a tear resistance of at least 350 mN
    • an alkali reserve of at least 0.4 mol of acid per kilogram
    • a Kappa number of less than 5
    • an aqueous extract pH value between 7.5 and 10.0

For further information see Australian Standard AS 4003-1996 or contact Standards Australia at

Identifying the original plan

In order to identify the original plan, stickers (bearing the notation 'ORIGINAL') should be affixed to several locations across the back of the plan.

Additional and substituted sheets

One or more additional sheets, using the appropriate plan form(s), may be lodged and numbered as sheets in a plan. An existing sheet of a plan may be replaced by a substituted sheet. The substituted sheet must be signed appropriately (depending upon the nature of the alterations, this may include an authorised officer of the local council) and replaces the original sheet which should be withdrawn by the lodging party.

Additional administration sheets are treated in the same way and must be numbered as extra sheets in the administration sheet series.