Compiled residue lots

It is not necessary to define the residue in a subdivision of any Crown Title parcel or land in an Old System deed.

The boundaries of a residue parcel, after survey of a new lot or lots, may be compiled where:

  • they are extensive compared to other lot(s) in the plan
  • all lengths are in agreement with the certificate(s) of title or deed(s)
  • they define the residue of a parcel following alignment, re-alignment or other road action.

The residue parcel of any Qualified and/or Limited Torrens title parcel must be shown and should be compiled.

Plan requirements

The plan must:

  • comply with clauses 13-27 inclusive Conveyancing (General) Regulation 2013
  • where available show:
    • full dimesions on all boundaries
    • only those dimensions disclosed on the base plan.
  • when the parcel closes to acceptable standards in accordance with clause 26 Surveying and Spatial Regulation 2012, the area should be shown as calculated (i.e. CALC'D). See also Mathematical Closure of Parcels. If dimensions are unavailable or the lot does not close within allowable limits, the area should be shown as '... BY DED'N'.