eLodgment requirements

Land titles eligible for eLodgment information about which land titles are suitable for electronic lodgment.
Notifications preventing eLodgment list of notifications on the Register which prevent eLodgment.
Using Certificates of Title for eLodgment information about how to use a paper CT for electronic conveyancing.
Fees that apply to e-dealings.
Discharge of mortgage (electronic) is an instrument used to remove the recording of the mortgage from a land title.
Mortgage (electronic) is an instrument used to register a new mortgage over the land title.
Transfer (electronic) is an instrument used to register the transfer of ownership of land to another person.
Notice of Sale (electronic) electronic transfers lodged through PEXA require a Notice of Sale to accompany the dealing.
Caveat (electronic) is a form of statutory injunction provided for under the Real Property Act 1900.
Withdrawal of caveat (electronic) is an instrument iused by a caveator to remove a caveat from the land title.
Justification for a name discrepancy information for when name discrepancies may be justified without the need to lodge a Change of Name.
Signing electronic documents requirements for signing electronic documents